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About The Musicians

Mickie Zekley

Mickie began playing guitar as a teen but soon became interested in other instruments. Before the age of 20, he was teaching guitar to 45 pupils a week, had studied sitar at Ravi Shankar's Kinnara and was playing almost every instrument that sported strings and frets. He started playing the flute and bagpipes in his early 20's and has become accomplished on many wind instruments. Mickie's interest in Irish music was fi rst inspired by the legendary Irish accordion players Joe Cooley and Kevin Keegan, with whom he performed for many years. Mickie founded Lark In The Morning, an international business that specializes in rare and unusual musical instruments. He is a musical instrument collector, and a videographer specializing in traditional music and dance. He has performed with the "Golden Toad," "McClouds Ceili Band," "Take A Dance," "Mickie & Elizabeth" and "Mooncoin."

Tim O'Laughlin

Tim O'Laughlin began playing violin at the age of nine, and still plays the instrument that his parents gave him at the age of twelve. He took up guitar at the age of fourteen, and uses the instrument to accompany himself when he performs as a singer/songwriter, and to lead group singing. Tim took up the mandolin in his late thirties, which he played along with his fiddle in the Celtic fusion band, Celticlysm! and Mendocino's English Country Dance orchestra, Take a Dance. Tim is also an accomplished Choral singer, having performed in large groups in venues such as the Berlin Philharmonie and New York City's Carnegie Hall.

Paula Hale

Paula studied recorders under the eminent teacher Hans Bender and his virtuoso daughter, Constanze Bender. She performed in a trio with the above and in the larger: "Monrovia Recorder Consort" in various venues around Los Angeles County for several years. In Mendocino she has belonged to the baroque trio sonata group " Cantabile"; "The Coast Celtic Ensemble"; "Orion's Belt"; "Take A Dance" English country dance band; and "Starlight Trio", which includes: Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and various world folk music.

Susan Archuletta

Susan has played with the Berkeley Baroque Strings, The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, Habibiyya and with Pat Kilroy. She plays violin, viola and Boehm system flute.

Debra Dawson

Debra Dawson plays a hurdy gurdy made in the high baroque style by famed a famed modern maker Jean Claude Boudet
The hurdy gurdy sounds half way between a violin and a bagpipe. It is played by pressing keys and turning the wheel instead of bowing the sound is produced. Some of the strings play the melody and some give a drone.

Debra has been playing the folk music of rural France on Hurdy Gurdy (Vielle-a-Roue) since the early 1980s', when she was apprenticed to the legendary player Arrigo D'Albert. She has taught French song, fiddle style, dance and Vielle at Lark in the Morning music festival and appeared on Prairie Home Companion as a member of the group TOUR de FRANCE, whose CD will be available at performances. She has studied in France and produced festivals bringing some of France's most exciting players to the US. Her love is for the robust, lively dance repertoire of the center of France, emerging from the Middle Ages and continuing in a vibrant contemporary style.

Elizabeth Zekley

Elizabeth has played the piano since the age of five and is accomplished in many genres of music. The magic of the hammered dulcimer began for her at the age of 16, and she has been playing it avidly ever since. The concertina, flute and pennywhistle have also been her constant musical companions for many years. Elizabeth received her formal music training at the University of California at Santa Cruz and has been involved in their ethnic music studies program. Besides playing music, she teaches English Country Dance, Barn Dances and Irish Ceildhe Dance, which are the roots of American square dance.

Elizabeth's credits include performance with the groups "Red Branch," "Cat's Cradle," "The White Rose Parlor Orchestra," and "Tipsy House." She has been the music and dance director of the Scottish show at the Living History Centre's Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Elizabeth performs on the Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Concertina, Irish Simple System Flute, Bodhran, Pennywhistle, Keyboards and vocals.


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The music we play comes from the traditions of Ireland, England & France.

We all love playing for weddings, dances, parties.

Live music always makes an event more memorable.

We work with a number of dance instructors that can bring a group of people together. A great way to introduce family and make new friends.

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