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About Dance Options

Dancing as a group is a great way to bring people together.
It can be a great ice breaker for wedding to allow strangers to interact.
Nothing better than becoming a participant instead of just an observer.

We we work with a number dance leaders that can offer the following dance styles for your event.

Contra Dance also called New England Country Dance.

Dancing in response to the Caller's instructions, each couple interacts with the couple next to them to form a four person "set" and each set interacts with the sets on either side of them. Over the course of a dance each couple moves up and down the hall, interacting with every other couple in their multi-set "line."

There is no fancy footwork involved but the instructions given by the Caller do form a series of repeating figures that dancers eventually memorize. As this happens, the Caller provides fewer and fewer prompts until they drop out entirely; leaving you, your partner, and the others in your line to finish the dance, accompanyed only by the exciting, lilting, haunting, and/or pulse pounding music provided by the band.

English Country Dance

An elegant, accessible and popular form of community social dance. English Country Dance is the dance form that was popular in England and America in the 1600's, 1700's and early 1800's. It is one of the dance forms from which modern contra and square dance are descended. If you like contra or square dancing you will love English country dancing.

"The beauty of the music; the intimate relationship of the music to the dance; the experiencing of artistic vision as a participant; the accessibility of fine art to almost everyone; the social interaction among individuals and the creation of community; the connection with the past; the continuing evolution of the genre"

French Dance

These dances are very lively couple dances. Bourrées, Mazurkas, Valses and more.

Family Dance

These dances are designed for people that have had no experience with this type of group dancing. Drawing from both the Contra Dance and English Country Dance traditions.


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The music we play comes from the traditions of Ireland, England & France.

We all love playing for weddings, dances, parties.

Live music always makes an event more memorable.

We work with a number of dance instructors that can bring a group of people together. A great way to introduce family and make new friends.

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