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About Our Instruments

Woven Harp

Mickie Zekley performs on an amazing sounding harp made of woven carbon fibre.
The sound of this special harp is both crystalline and haunting at one and the same time.


Played by Tim O'Laughlin and Susan Archuletta is one of the most versatile instruments ever made. Originating in Western Europe are now played by cultures all over the world.


The flute made of ebony and silver that Mickie usually plays was made in 1858 in London. This type of flute was the standard of orchestras during that time period. Susan play a modern orchestral flute.


Mickie uses that DADGAD tuning for guitar. This tuning is a favorite for British Isles music as it has a drone quality to it.
The guitar used is one that Mickie designed for the Lark In The Morning musical instrument business.

Hurdy Gurdy

Debra Dawson plays a hurdy gurdy made in the high baroque style by famed a famed modent maker Jean Claude Boudet
The hurdy gurdy sounds half way between a violin and a bagpipe. It is played by pressing keys and turning the wheel instead of bowing the sound is produced. Some of the strings play the melody and some give a drone.


The nyckelharpa is traditional to Sweden but now used in lots of European Music. It has keys similar to the hurdy gurdy but played with a bow. It has sympathetic strings that add a haunting echo to the sound.


Another European instrument that is played in many Cultures. Tim plays a beautiful Gibson instrument C1910. Mickie plays one by Ditson from around the same time era.


Mickie uses a Highland bagpipe made over a 100 years ago and a French cornemuse made by Denny Hall.

Button Accordion

This type of accordion is used in may cultures folklore music.


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The music we play comes from the traditions of Ireland, England & France.

We all love playing for weddings, dances, parties.

Live music always makes an event more memorable.

We work with a number of dance instructors that can bring a group of people together. A great way to introduce family and make new friends.

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