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Take A Dance<br>English Country Dance Band WIDTH=

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Celtic Music For Weddings And Other Events
Elizabeth is currently not available for any performances.
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Mickie & Elizabeth are available for music for weddings on the Mendocino Coast. We are also available for concerts, workshops, master classes, performances for primary and secondary education, recording & television, and all types of private events, music for historic events, reenactments in costume and more. If you are planning a wedding please look at our special wedding page. Mickie & Elizabeth can also provide a "Country Dance" for wedding receptions and other events. "Country Dances" are group dances traditional to the British Isles that are the forerunner of square and contra dance.

Traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and France on extraordinary musical instruments. Jubilant, poignant performances that embrace the heart of Celtic music. Mickie & Elizabeth perform with energy, skill and a fluid grace. Instrumentation includes: 19th Century Concert Flute, Hammered Dulcimer, Highland Bagpipes, Bombard, Scottish Small Pipes, Concertina, Tenor Banjo, Celtic Harp, Harp Guitar, Irish Cittern, Simple System Flute, Double Flageolette, Pennywhistles, Bodhran, Nyckelharpa, and Keyboard. As well as concerts, Mickie & Elizabeth specialize in highly participational school performances.

Mickie & Elizabeth
PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 397-5683
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